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Love Blog Story 2

 Hello guys, 

It’s been officially a whole dang year since the first love blog story. And I feel like I have to update this train of thought. Somethings are true and others need a bit more context or input if you will. 

Love definitely comes in all forms, all shapes and sizes it’s definitely true. Love is definitely about connecting with the right people. Having the same vibe in a sense, creating highs and with those highs, also experiencing lows. Experiencing the full spectrum of a friendship/ relationship. Experiencing pain is important to see how it will be handled by both parties to really test that “love” and observing if keeping it alive will be possible. 

Love can be one-sided and this is where pain could come in. Feeling things others might not feel. Or pushing something that isn’t there emotionally. You don’t want to put more than what you receive, that is just a mentally tiring. One sided feelings could be fixed of course but the other party has to be aware and or it has to be presented to them in a way. Waiting to see if anything changes is not the solution. Action always is. Whether it’s about communicating certain feelings or just cutting someone off from their life to stop certain emotional pains or sufferings. 

When 2 people are in the same mental train of thought that could be a bad thing, in my opinion. Depending on the person. For example if both people argue and start getting violent and yet they both blame each other equally but neither is willing to forgive, this is one something or someone needs to be the one to change or give in for the sake of the relationship. Me, personally I’m dramatic as hell, and emotional too. But im also aware of what’s happening and I forgive easily mainly because I tend to overreact.





There are certain people that like to be the “Alpha” in the relationship. These people are the dominant ones, the person who controls their partner emotionally. They have the power in the relationship and in no way are submissive to anything. In a sense, it’s their way or the highway. This personality is common and could be handled by people who aren’t both typically alphas. One is always more sensitive. One demands, the other accepts. It could be healthy but it could also be damaging if the role doesn’t change from time to time, every once in a while. 

Respect is one of the most important aspects in a relationship. Always being aware for your partner, letting them know what’s going to happen, especially if it deals with any sort of pain from their history wether it’s family, exes, friends etc. respect will always be the key to any relationship. Am I respecting my partner? Am I hurting them in any way? Being conscious of our actions. Love learns. Love can heal.

This has been kept a draft for awhile that’s why the paragraphs are separated. Should have been published a long time ago. I think love evolves and at the same time the same intense love from the get go is can be constant forever with the right person or if it’s mutual. Mistakes are likely to happen. Words can be said. But as long as certain lines aren’t crossed everything is repairable. 

Thank you for reading. ❤️


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