Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Blogger of the year: 2021

 Consistent. I am greatly consistent. Consistent at blogging at least once or twice a year. Fantastic. What you are about to read will take you through a magical journey, filled with dragons and blistering lava. Also I have no idea why you're still reading. I believe my reading level got permanently stuck at a 5th grade level. Oh but hey my writing,  I'll defend my writing skills, although I can't really improve my writing if I don't read. Well time to leave the Franklin turtle books behind. 

I am back baby. And hopefully with the right motivation and consistency I can do at least two more blogs this year. 

Let's recap shall we? We are more than halfway through this year and with just another blink...POOF! It will be gone yet again. Will this be the first and last blog I do? Maybe, probably, most likely, UNDENIABLY SO. But if I do decide to spice things up and do another one it will probably be because of a universal miracle. Yep a one in a gazillion stars that I'll do another blog and different topic.

I was just writing to say hi. Making sure you're all doing well. You know it's important to take care of oneself first and then others. Mental health is just as important as physical health. How's your year going? Is it what you expected and or wanted at the beginning of it? If not there's still time. Positivity in everything is important and especially when trying to go after a goal or dream. Staying motivated is part of the challenge. Consistent is part of the challenge. Hell, having goals or dreams could be part of the challenge. And it's ok to admit that you're just not sure where the river will take you IF you even wanted it to take you anywhere. Welcome to my boat. Welcome to my river. Let's ride the ride together. I'll be here. 

2021. You know, we should definitely have another christmas in July, why? cuz more gifts, more food, and more gatherings/parties. Ah but wait, hello COVID! I see you're slowly dying off and your deviant buddies.... What would the world look like if covid never happened at all? Was it possibly a necessary change? Socially, economically, politically or maybe possibly environmentally? People stopped polluting for a while, and that's super great. I don't know but if we have a winter santa, we should have a summer santa. 

That's all my time today. A short one if you will. Impactful but lightly disappointed I know. A quickie if you will. I leave you with this entertaining video at the bottom for getting through this far. Have a good weekend., or weekday depending on when you read this.....Have a good rest of your year!

p.s feel free to read other stuff. other years. love you.

p.s p.s wake me up in 8 days plz

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