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A Blog about People

They're everywhere, at work, in your school, in the road and worst of all in your own home.
Honestly, you will always see people every day unless you're confined to a maximum-security prison in a 24 hour no light cell strapped to a straitjacket. We're all the same, truly, we eat, we work, we go home, we sleep, we poop (not together, preferably).

I think we need to re-evaluate how we see others. Especially our enemies, haters or people we despise. Because most likely our least liked person is just like us. We have to let go of our grudges, our own insecurities and co-exist peacefully with one another. Now you probably say: How the hell do I just let go of someone that cheated on me? Or Kicked me out of the house? Or even killed your very own goldfish cuz it looked like a floating goldfish snack? Easy. It's called forgiveness. Most likely some people are going to be very stubborn. It's a huge load off your back once you accept it, and just say it verbally. You stop carrying the worthless negativity load that brings you down each and every day.

People can suck don't get me wrong, but other people's business should not affect you personally. Unless of course it's some sort of bullying directed at you then you should probably get as far as hell from that person. Getting to the root of bullying, most of the time comes from social problems in the bully's life. Maybe it can be a chain of anger/bully that is being passed down. Maybe that person has a sibling/friend that treats him like garbage and so he carries that with him/her until he/she release that negativity unto someone else. Bad energy is just transferred elsewhere.

We, as a society, need good chains of positivity, happiness that you carry unto someone else. Once you do that, not only does it make that other person feel good but it also helps yourself as well.

But seriously if people just gave their enemies another perspective or opportunity to treat them differently, we would understand why they function the way they do.

Different personalities can clash hard sometimes but at the same time, different personalities can also be two perfect puzzle pieces that fit together to create something new. It's all about perspective and how you decide to look at a situation. It's always good to step outside that scenario and look at EVERYTHING from at 3rd person angle. Making sure that your ego (your own feelings/desires) is not involved in any way, meaning that you use your empathy towards the situation. We have to completely remove ourselves from the situation to have clarity. Not that we do not care about our wants or emotions but for an understanding to find a solution to the problem towards that other person. Whether it is something dramatic or something unforgivable, I believe your spiritual self needs the healing to move on. Your mind, body, and soul need to find the solution.

As a person, be happy and spread happy.
I'll leave you with these videos.

That I found awhile back


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