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2022 Hello blog!

 Hello blog! Long time no log, long time in the mental smog. No hello nor goodbye but a special reminder for I am still here. I know you don't really cheer, for the person who's late or never really near. Never really checks on you but pretends it's all still here. But one day he'll know that things don't stay the same. They don't live forever but disappear. It disintegrates if not cared for. It can immigrate or obliterate for no shows, no core. Things are never truly clear. Hello blog! I like poems, and that was an attempt at representing how I feel at the moment. You can give it meaning how you want. It could be represented in many different ways. And since there's a lot of symbolism (not in my poem) well that's the reason different people could have different perspectives. That's probably the easiest explanation on why there are so many religions in the world, because they are representations on the perspectives of ideas on the bible/god.  Hello b