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Life is a balance

There is always a medium, a middle ground, a counterweight or practically a balance from everything we do, see or even feel. From the most basic, obvious qualities of life to the most obscure insecurities we posses. There's always that balance in life that tends to correct itself. Seasons are the land's balance between too hot and too cold. I feel we sometimes don't understand how perfect our world sometimes is, sure we as a population hurt the earth more than we should but the earth seems to be catching up and adapting in certain ways. There is an article listed by the NY Times by David Biello titled "We aren't destroying the Earth" where he talks about how nature is more complicated than we think, more species arise faster then old ones extinct. We fail to understand how nature is rapidly developing, we focus too much on the history of certain species that we fail to see the new biodiversity that blossoms from the surprisingly hotter atmosphere, such as new

El Paso Massacre

August 3rd, 2019. Around early 10:00 am at El Paso, Texas. I worked early that day until 3:00 PM. I received the news from friends first. At first, it seemed it was a lousy joke but no. Terror actually hit. "Active shooter at Cielo Vista Mall". The message turned my blood upside down. Around 10:20 am, the news got worse. There were multiple rumors that there were multiple shooters attacking several different malls. This is when we all got worried. Rumors everywhere, texts being sent out, calls being made. Social media being part of the problem, spreading incorrect information causing chaos and ultimately panic. 3 shooters are out and about, unconfirmed reports of shootings in the area. 10 people dead. 15, 17, 18 dead. "Area is still active" is what was reported by the Police department. That lasted for hours until around 2 PM. I called my mom and asked her where she was, and informed her that there was an active shooter near our house. She confirmed she was insi


The right way to do something is subjective is it not? If someone has been doing a certain procedure for a long period of time, why does it become normalized for everybody?  Nobody dares to question the status quo. Nobody wants to come first to challenge an elder or a system of old ideas. Say you did dare to speak up, but you are instantly shut down by the majority, do you dare to give it a second try or does it ultimately become the system's fault at that point. If the standards work why challenge it? Effectivity could increase, the speed could increase, productivity overall changes for the better. People are stuck in their comfort zone. No change, no range, no exchange or ways to arrange paths to be free or explore different areas of interest/ideas. We have to rewire our brain to think differently, to be different, to be out there. Not necessarily about commitment or consistency but about becoming someone unafraid of change, unafraid of life standards or transitions.  Tal