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COVID-19 Blog

Hey blog, dang, long time no chat. 
I've been busy moving, learning, waiting, and just enjoying 2020. No but let's be real this COVID-19 issue has been longer then expected to be honest. It started increasing severely in march. And we were all like all right it'll die down we're fine right?? WRONG April comes around and all you see was worldwide panic and chaos. Nice.

It's been basically half a year and now it's July and looks like things are kicking back up again. Yay the second wave of corona. Congratulations guys! we have managed to ignore social distancing and have worsened the situation. Great! Shout out to all the Karens in the world who complain about their face mask because it's a "health issue" and now we hear some talk of a new swine flu with potential pandemic fears

Side note: I forgot how much I enjoyed writing sometimes. It makes me feel free. Like I can insult people and nobody will ever find me. I'm kidding I feel like I'm super easy to find lol. And no I won't insult anyone, just super biased opinions and no "real" research (not in this blog at least). Just me and my thoughts. Anyway...

I feel like in the first few months, everything became sort of balanced. The rich had lost business and money in the stock market, and the poor got the helpful boost they needed to survive aka the stimulus checks and unemployment boost. The real truth is the rich need the poor to profit and the poor need the.... na basically the poor likes rich people for their fancy things wether it's their cars, businesses, houses, etc. but the rich do need consumers like the poor to profit, even basic services like house needs, construction, mechanics, plumbing, groceries etc. do the poor really need the rich? or do the poor live long enough and smart enough to become rich? This pandemic has me thinking I guess. After a few months of thought and carefully analyzing how the economy is moving, it looks like the world is returning how it was but with still increasing infected ones and deaths still on the rise. Interesting

I mean it seems like this year has been on "pause" long enough. Don't get me wrong the pandemic seems like a real issue to not take lightly of course but there seems to be a sense of betrayal. Like if someone lied to you and pretended to cover it up with something else, or perhaps tried to distract you with something else from the real issue. That's what this RONA feels like. As if it was here for a reason, whether a good one or bad. We have officially fallen out of human patterns, our daily routines. We or someone we know have been changed forever. We feel different. Things aren't the same. Education is online. Human contact is limited. Limitations and restrictions. It just seems all just negative. Where is the positivity here? 5G networks is that it? Tech advancement for the purpose to capitalize and increase monopolization? All right, sure I guess. How do we benefit from the rona?

I don't know guys, the biggest thing I can take away from these past few month is change. And I think change is good. Leaving our comfort zone. Leaving jobs, getting new ones. leaving places and finding new ones. Sure it might come at a cost but it seems like that cost is growth and moving forward. Never backwards. 

Thanks for reading. I appreciate it 
with love, Hosguy 💖


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