Thursday, October 31, 2019

Love Blog Story

I believe there are different kinds of love, we have family love, inanimate love, forced love, superficial love and true love. Most of the time we are in one specific kind of love and your partner might be feeling a completely different type of love. Does that mean there's incompatibility? Well sure but incompatibility has to do more with connection and personality. When there's love there's reliability. Worry-free situations. Stress-free living. When there's love, there's care, dependability, selflessness. So many good positive feelings.

When you meet the right person you click with that person. You're ultimately in sync. Always on the same page. Sometimes it is very obvious that you both feel the same way and other times only one person. Knowing you wanna spend the rest of your life with somebody instantly, is sometimes a sign of true love, you don't care what is at risk because the end result is very much worth it. 

Superficial love almost always has to do with physicality, a different mentality of "quick". It could be passionate but being superficial with love always runs dry. Friends with benefits is a good example. There might be an attraction but no mental connection there. Bodies connected but mind and soul left out.

True love is built on three major things, essential into making the relationship work. Honesty, trust and faith. These three things always co-depend into one another.
The beginning of this blog was written on September 23-24th almost more than a month ago. I feel the exact same way I did before and the truth is I've never realized how true my second paragraph is. I know it was out there, I know it was rare, and for anybody, even for me to find it is extremely special.

I still have my deep psychological fears. Fears that might not even matter but to some degree they impact me. We see many but many relationships not working out. People say you should always work hard to making it work but that's the thing maybe the two of you aren't really a good pair, maybe, in reality, it never really works out no matter how hard you try. Maybe I have a bad perspective but it seems like people that try the hardest at making it work are the most unhappy, we have to learn to move on. Try again. Walk a different path, re-connect differently and find another essence.

Love can be simple, love can be complicated but love is never blind. 

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