Saturday, August 3, 2019


The right way to do something is subjective is it not? If someone has been doing a certain procedure for a long period of time, why does it become normalized for everybody?  Nobody dares to question the status quo. Nobody wants to come first to challenge an elder or a system of old ideas. Say you did dare to speak up, but you are instantly shut down by the majority, do you dare to give it a second try or does it ultimately become the system's fault at that point. If the standards work why challenge it? Effectivity could increase, the speed could increase, productivity overall changes for the better.

People are stuck in their comfort zone. No change, no range, no exchange or ways to arrange paths to be free or explore different areas of interest/ideas. We have to rewire our brain to think differently, to be different, to be out there. Not necessarily about commitment or consistency but about becoming someone unafraid of change, unafraid of life standards or transitions. 

Talking about standards, we can all agree that most people drive automatic cars. Now the standard for standard cars was the status quo. Someone out there challenged how standard vehicles worked/functioned (quick research: 1932 two Brazillian engineers that called it: Hydro-Matic engine) These folks perfected the idea of a clutch-less transmission, an idea that was already presented and miserably failed because of the abruptness of gear changes, models that were presented in the earlier 1900s. These ideas were quickly shut down. People had already challenged the standard. And it took decades for auto manufacturers to accept the other idea. Why did the standard not changed then, lack of technology? fear? distrustfulness of people who had presented failed ideas? A new standard for the standard vehicles was introduced to a standard that became automatic which is ironic because standard vehicles were once the standard but now are not. Wow, that is a mouthful. 

I think there are standards everywhere, in beauty, in education, in socialism, in our homes. Don't get me wrong maybe some standards are good, washing your hands before going to the restroom is not as effective as washing after. But there are some standards that seem unnecessary, companies sell you beauty but why do their perspective on beauty seem selective? Perhaps it is because it sells, as we all know sex sells. Proven to be a fact, in terms of business aspects. But is the society the one that is controlling the media or is the standard of businessmen and companies the ones enforcing the same ideals to the masses over and over again? us or them? The one in power holds the key to change. But also the people have the power to dethrone those in power, able to de-collapse their systems. But that takes many collective minds to drive a force to do something as powerful. 

Maybe standards are meant to be challenged at their respective time and place. Things are meant to be a certain way until their expiration or renovation comes in. Social standards are probably the hardest ones to overcome, we're too afraid of making eye contact or too afraid to be the first to speak up sometimes. Let's change that, let's be the first to break free from norms, be the first to challenge the way things work, to introduce ourselves.

Maybe standards are there to keep us in check, whether for safety or because it is truly the only way. If we all see something new the same way for a long time, does it transform to a standard? That's a possibility.

I've officially concluded, by my own state of mind, that standards are here to keep society in order. To keep the balance within the many clashing forces of the world: politics, different country, religions, cultures, social manners, habits, etc. Chaos occurs without systems, without established routes, without standards. But this does not mean we should keep the balance all the time.

Chaos Theory: A small change introduced in a system, in this case, a standard. That ultimately cause a huge difference in outcome after a long time. The effect can be positive or negative, I believe, and creates similar patterns that change over time sometimes unnoticed. Also called the butterfly effect, it seems like, even though the long-lasting change occurs, it seems it always corrects itself in the end. It balances out. It could be nature, it could be the way our world works, it could higher forcers working for us, but it always normalizes no matter how big of a change it is. Normal = the norm = standards = the way things are. Or seem to look like at the moment.

I have many thoughts. Just wanted to lay them all down, probably confusing as hell, but I guess that's how my head works. A big disorder of thoughts. Very random at times. I don't know how to end this pile of thoughts so yea that's it.




nothing here.

Wait if there is nothing is there anything? If there's nothing is there standards since there's no one? If only one person does something different is it never considered a standard?





Standards belong to the masses.



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