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A Mind for Peace of Mind

Are our minds connected with both mind and soul or are they all 3 different pieces of a whole? A whole that makes us who we humanly currently are? Sometimes my mind and body feels disconnected from my soul. I feel I'm walking around aimlessly in a loop with no sense of true ground. Sort of like when you wake up restlessly, and you end up feeling like a zombie, literally. Is my mind meant to be No words come out of you. No emotion shows. No physical reaction. A whole lot of nothing. Why? why does it feel like that sometimes? I tried coffee and energy drinks but that seems to only affect my body more than the true mind. Sleep more? Yea, I'm not much of a morning person, so the energy is just transplaced at a later moment only to exert it as a zombie.

I realized one way my body, mind, and soul kinda feels awake, and that's communication with another body, mind, and soul that truly wakes me from my zombie coma. Feels sort of like when you feel extremely tired and sleepy; you kinda just want to lay in bed and not do a single thing. But then a friend calls you to do something that involves you to have to move and drive, and possibly do physical exercise. As you meet with your friend to do whatever activity they had in mind, at that moment your tiredness/sleepyness goes away. Instantly. At the end of the activity or the meet with your friend, you don't feel tired, it feels as if you got a reboot to your day. 

Human interaction goes a long way, an epiphany that I recently had. This ties to several thoughts in mind. I'm thinking for those that are depressed, close-minded, ill in some way. These 3 types of individuals and possibly many more are heavily affected by other individuals. 

People that are depressed have become single-minded, in a way that the same thought keeps coming back to them in a repeated loop whether it is about suicide, history with others, stress, blame etc. Once someone provides positive words, encouragement, solutions, generally good vibes, that sad individual starts changing his/her perspective for a different outlook on their situation. 

Close-minded people are usually around other close-minded people. Whether religious or simply not enough exposure to different sources of information/situations, it only takes one taste, one other thought, one other mind to introduce doubt to their close-mindedness. Even if it shows that the other person doesn't accept it right away. It will definitely be an introduction to begin wondering in their own mind what is right and what is wrong. Perhaps there is neither. Ethics and subjectivity begin to play a role here. 

Health plays a huge role when it comes to peace of mind (in my opinion)(Side note: everything is my opinion). I believe our body heals itself, just as it heals when we bruise/cut ourselves. The only exception would be when our mind is not on good terms with its body. There is a negative force in our mind that negatively starts affecting the body. Mood and attitude could play a role but I choose to believe that it is an action that carries the goodness of bad health. People that accept their bad health and say "I guess I have cancer" or "It is what it is" and see no way around is exactly the message that the body receives by the mind. I think it's as simple as that. When someone has accepted their bad health, other human thoughts can help his/her own mind decide what to do with his/her body. Thoughts and verbal words are more powerful than we think.

No one should be left alone with their own thoughts, our minds start to wonder. We need other human input, opinions, ideas, etc. Our collective minds seem to be one as a whole. Whether it is within a family or with friends. This reminds me of like when you get to a restaurant/fast food and it's empty, a couple of minutes go by and suddenly the place is full. Also when there are events, even if there's nothing to do at the event, people go where people are. We are attracted to one another in a mindful way. We enjoy the company of strangers more than being alone at a certain place.







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