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Life is a balance

There is always a medium, a middle ground, a counterweight or practically a balance from everything we do, see or even feel. From the most basic, obvious qualities of life to the most obscure insecurities we posses. There's always that balance in life that tends to correct itself. Seasons are the land's balance between too hot and too cold. I feel we sometimes don't understand how perfect our world sometimes is, sure we as a population hurt the earth more than we should but the earth seems to be catching up and adapting in certain ways. There is an article listed by the NY Times by David Biello titled "We aren't destroying the Earth" where he talks about how nature is more complicated than we think, more species arise faster then old ones extinct. We fail to understand how nature is rapidly developing, we focus too much on the history of certain species that we fail to see the new biodiversity that blossoms from the surprisingly hotter atmosphere, such as new plant life.

There's more balance to life than we see or realize. Darkness and light; hot temperatures and cold ones; young and old. These are some of the most basic ones, but we can also mention a more philosophical approach. When we are at our lowest in life, depressed, nowhere to go, homeless, lost someone, lost a job etc. whatever it may be that puts you at our very lowest, that's when life corrects itself. You somehow end up bouncing back up most of the time, sort of like a rollercoaster: it goes all the way down but always manages to ride back up again. Life is truly a rollercoaster. You hop into life, it has it's ups and downs, some more violent than others, but eventually, it comes to an end. I've noticed a trend, for a lack of a better word, that when someone close passes away, somehow new life always follows shortly after. Sort of as if the amount of life balances out in the family. Although very subjective, it also seems to apply when people leave certain relationships in their life, people always find others. A balance.

Now is correction a balance? Who is to say one extreme is not normal? That is the beauty of life, it's sustainable. Our body is also a balance, for as much physical activity we do, our body also requires sleep to re-energize and rebalance our mind. Our body heals when it is cut. When it is cold, our body tends to retain more body heat in our core and vice-versa, we require rehydration when we release too many fluids. Maybe it is not a correction but a form of replenishment of life, a restoration.

The happiest people tend to be the most depressed people. Once our body, mind or soul go through one extreme of reality it's also likely to visit the other extreme in the spectrum. Wether in wealth, lifestyles, health etc anything that can experience extreme joy or extreme sadness. We have to learn to appreciate the balance of good and bad, we have to understand that perhaps nothing is truly good nor bad but two different extreme lifestyles that make people unaccepting of others. Such as a person deep into their religious or cultural roots vs someone who spends all day practicing their screeches for a metal band. They might not understand each other but there is always a middle ground to cope with one another. That's why there is debates, wars, arguments, even deaths, all because we don't want to see eye to eye. Not accepting different perspectives or ways of life, we are stubborn to think that there is only OUR way to live or thrive. But whether we see it or not, the other side of the spectrum is always present, maybe not in the visible present that we live in, but out there.

Let me know what you think on this topic of overall balance in the comments below. On a side note, I recommend watching "one strange rock" hosted by will smith on netflix.


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